Owner and Head Filmmaker

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I got into filming and editing as a musician in the early 2000’s, shooting music videos and fun videos.  Then in 2010 I got a chance to start editing wedding films for the company I now own.  I remember coming home to my wife and telling her, ” I think I could do this for the rest of my life.”  The owner then decided to sell the business and I decided to move from editing to owning, shooting, editing and doing all there is to creating great wedding films.  I still have a Kleenex box at my desk because I still get choked up when I’m editing the films.  I’ve always had a love for chick flicks and movies that make you cry so I think I’m more than cut out for this career.  I’ve been shooting and filming weddings now for over seven years and I’ve shot and edited over 150 wedding films to date, and I’m looking forward to another 150 more!!

I LOVE filming and when I am not shooting weddings you can catch me working on my own personal projects! Aside from filming I also enjoy woodworking, songwriting, and time at home with my wife and our dog Henry. Grilling is another passion of mine and I am always looking for great grill recipes to try!