We could not be happier with the level of service and quality of products we received from Nepo! We ended up opting for every service they offered and it made our day so special! We had a blast working with them and now have memories that will live forever. I know a lot of brides go without videography service but this was by far some of the best money we spent on our big day!

Profile Picture Lisa, 9/23/17

NEPO was worth every penny. The videos capture all the right moments and you can definitely tell they put their best effort into creating a memorable piece.

We were quite eager to receive our video however, despite the wait, it was well worth it!

NEPO is very friendly, professional, and flexible. They met with us via FaceTime so that was great!

Profile Picture Alan, 7/22/17

Steve was incredible to work with as a videographer. He captured our day beautifully, has reasonable prices, and is thorough, responsible, and overall fantastic. We didn’t even notice that he was there (in a good way) and somehow he captured so many angles and so many special moments. I highly recommend working with Steve/Nepo for your big day!

Profile Picture Megan, 7/1/17

Steve from Nepo Productions captured our day perfectly! The finished video was so “us” and for sure the best investment for creating memories of our wedding day!


Profile PictureElise, 12/31/16

Like many other couples, my wife and I debated whether or not a videographer would be a worthwhile addition to our wedding, but thankfully we decided to go with Steve and Nepo Productions! Steve was awesome to work with from start to finish. He remained in constant contact with us during the planning stages and made sure that our wedding day ran seamless and smooth. We also appreciated Steve and his teaming being non-invasive during the wedding and reception and we hardly noticed his cameras or operators which allowed us to focus on everything else but the filming. Overall, the value we received in the high quality of production, service, and quick turn-around can’t be beat and we’d definitely recommend Nepo Productions as a “must have” at anyone’s wedding!

Profile Picture Daniel, 9/3/16


Nepo Productions was very professional and easy to work with! We were extremely happy with the video of our wedding. Steve Oliver was very flexible and most of our communication was over email, which worked well because I had a very crazy schedule that made it hard to have meetings. The preparation sheet from Nepo I filled out before the wedding day was well organized and helped to know what to expect from each other on the day of and the finished video. Overall, I would definitely recommend Nepo Productions for a videographer!

Profile Picture Ciarah, 7/2/16


I absolutely LOVE our wedding video!! Steve pays attention to detail and captures even the things you miss during the day (because it is always a blur)!! Steve was so easy to work with and his goal is that you barely know he’s there! We loved re-living our wedding through our video and the extra features!! I am so glad my husband insisted on a videographer for our day…and I’m even more glad we found Steve at Nepo!!

Profile Picture Averi, 6/25/16


We loved working with Nepo Productions! Steve was awesome to work with throughout the entire process. He answered emails in a timely fashion, made everything crystal-clear for us, and was filled with positive energy the day of the wedding! Many guests of mine weren’t even aware that a videographer was present because Steve filmed so discretely. We love, love, love the final product as well! Steve captured the day beautifully! We are so happy that we chose to hire Nepo Productions for our wedding!

Profile PictureWendy, 6/18/16


Highly recommend Steve and Nepo Productions. We used them for our son’s wedding three years ago and hired them again for our daughter’s wedding because they did a great job.

Profile Picture Allison, 5/29/16

Steve did an incredible job with our wedding! We were so thrilled with the final product and they were super easy to work with the day of and with all the planing. I am so thankful for them! Also, my brother and sister-in-law used them and they also had a phenomenal experience!

Profile Picture Anna, 5/29/16

NepoProductions was wonderful! Steve was so professional and discrete during the entire day. We absolutely love our wedding video and he captured so many great memories from our big day!

Profile Picture Alicia, 5/28/16

Nepo Productions was recommend to us by our photographer Emily Crall and I would HIGHLY recommend them as a wedding videographer! Very happy with our video and we will remember and cherish it always! Steve was incredibly responsive, professional and accommodating to our wishes.

Profile Picture Jaclyn, 5/21/16

The Nepo Production team was AMAZING! I hardly have words to describe my gratitude for their involvement on my wedding day. My mother was the one who encouraged me to spend the money and have a professional record the day…and it was the best decision and the best investment we could have made. The whole team was wonderful, professional, personable, and helpful! They went above and beyond making our day flow smoothly, and to boot, we have a beautiful movie of the whole day we can enjoy for years to come with our friends and family. Not only did they capture the events beautifully but they customized the final video, the music, and even the jacket to the dvd box to reflect our personality and wedding themes. You won’t regret working with them! Thanks Steve Oliver and the Nepo team!

Profile Picture Stacie, 10/11/15

Highly recommended!! Steve from Nepo Productions was an absolute pleasure to work with. When looking for a videographer for our wedding I wanted someone who had an eye for this kind of thing. I wanted someone who truly cared about me and my husband’s big day and without a doubt in my mind, Steve cared deeply about capturing the most important moments of our lives to date and delivering us a great video in the end. Watch one of his highlight videos and you can tell that he is very good at what he does. One thing I really liked about the company was that he/they were hardly ever seen. This was really important to me since you hear those horror stories about photographers and videographers being in the way the whole time of the ceremony. That wasn’t the case at all with Nepo Productions.
I probably wasn’t the easiest bride to work with but Steve was always quick to respond to my questions and was always friendly and professional. What more could you want! I can’t stop watching our wedding video and my husband keeps crying happy tears. 🙂 We are thrilled with how everything turned out and would highly recommended Nepo Productions.

Profile Picture Stephany, 10/10/15

Nepo productions did an amazing job. They were very quick to responding to any of my questions, and my video turned out great! I am so thankful I went with them as my videographer, and have such a great video of our special day!

Profile Picture Tara, 9/12/15

Steve was amazing to work with. He was friendly, fun and put us at ease in front of the camera. He even helped set up chairs for the ceremony! Not only was Steve great the day of the wedding, he was flexible and negotiated with us s to make edits to the initial contract. To top it all off, the final product is AMAZING. My husband and I will cherish this video forever as it will help us remember one of the best days of our lives!

Profile Picture Melissa

Nepo Productions is fabulous. Steve did such a great job with our wedding video and really captured who we are as individuals and as a couple. He was great to work with. During the wedding day we hardly even knew he was there! If you want someone to really capture your wedding day, I highly recommend Steve and his team.

Profile Picture Corrie, 7/11/15

Attention bride- and grooms-to-be,
Steve and his crew at Nepo Productions were amazing! I was lucky I hired them, and now I realize how much I appreciate a high-quality video of our day. They worked so well with the photographer and D.J. to coordinate timing so they could capture all of the “moments” of the day. Our D.J. actually reached out to me to see who our videographer was because they worked so well together, and he has worked with a lot of videographers 🙂 The end product was amazing, and it is so fun to relive the day. We spend so much time and money planning for the wedding day that goes by so fast – the memories, pictures, and video are what we will have forever so it is worth the investment! Nepo Productions were so sleek, and we hardly noticed them. They used their own microphones so the sound quality is superb, and the two videographers captures different and unique perspectives of the day! The video brings out so many emotions! I highly recommend Nepo Productions!!!!!
Katie Halbmaier

Profile PictureKatie, 6/27/15


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